Manuka Infused

Unique skin care wipes combining the best of nature and science with Certified New Zealand Manuka Honey

Manuka Infused

99.9% Natural formula for all skin types. Dermatologically and hypoallergenic tested

Manuka Infused

Scientifically formulated to enhance the feeling and appearance of healthy looking skin leaving it cleansed, soothed, and hydrated

Manuka Infused

A convenient solution for busy active people ‘on the go’


OMG I love these wipes they are amazing, seriously the best make up wipes I have ever used though I normally buy wipes try them a couple of times and then give up but these leave my skin feeling so fresh and amazing that I can’t wait to use them at the end of each day!!! I’m in love!


The smell is good, not too over powering or anything and the honey smell is distinct but not distracting. The feel of the wipe on my face is nice, it holds together well when using it. I have quite sensitive skin and I didn’t notice any drying out of my skin after use which is a big plus, also it does not leave any funny tasting or smelling residue on my skin after use which is important to me in a wipe


I have hypersensitive skin, prone to dermatitis, and find it difficult to get any removers that don’t irritate and also do an efficient job at removing make-up. These are the best make-up remover wipes I have ever used. They impressively remove even water-proof or long wearing make-up and remove it in a soothing manner producing  a clean, but moisturized feel to the skin. I simply wash with water afterwards. I highly recommend the product and the quality ingredients, especially the Manuka Honey that is also a good anti-bacterial element as well as soothing and hydrating. They would also make excellent hydrating refreshing towelettes for travelling